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Dog Toy Set for Your Aggressive Chewers

Dog Toy Set for Your Aggressive Chewers


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  • Material - Made of cotton fibers are natural, safe and washable.
  • Dog Toy Set - These set comes in 6 choose: 12 PCS, 11 PCS, 10 PCS, 8 PCS, 6 PCS, 4PCS. These dog chew toys pack gives a lot of fun for dogs, and you can choose the styles you like.
  • Enjoy Times - Dog Toys for dogs can make your dog happy and spend boredom time when you are out of home. It can satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner.decreases separation anxiety, promotes proper chewing behavior and deters misbehavior.
  • Puppy Toys - Dog Toys for Small dogs is for Puppy toys. During chewing promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar buildup, reducing plaque build-up and preventing gum disease.
  • Best for Aggressive Chewers - Large Dogs Toy Set is made with durable dog toys that were designed for large dogs ; These tough rope toys will withstand the test of time and keep your dogs entertained for a while; Note: Not recommended for overly aggressive chewers or for small dogs; Perfect for puppies.
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