About Us


Alilang, founded in 2004, is an exclusive curator of fashion & style for trendsetters and brands around the world. We are a platform that caters to those who believe in the total freedom to express who they are, without judgement. We exist for the individuals who are just looking for sophisticated, fun, and premium fashion. Each and every piece from Alilang is designed meticulously to meet our customers' highest standards; this along with our unique styling has garnered us the success we have today which started from our "Anna-Kaci" line. We desire to provide the best value for our members which is why we introduced our highly sought after Alilang VIP Membership program so members can shop ALL our items at deeply discounted prices. 


We’re constantly growing and expanding our vision to be a leader in the industry. We hope to inspire every individual to find their true style and build the confidence to dress their best for every occasion that they may have in their lifetime. We are grateful for every single person that has been a part of this journey and we are excited to welcome those who are just discovering our brand. We invite you to step into our world where breaking rules is the norm and where the only person that can stop you from being you is yourself. After pioneering our successful "Anna-Kaci" clothing brand, we're looking to create, but also take on other brands to grow & prosper in today's market.