Alilang Fashion Game Day Sequin Bomber Zip-Up Jacket!

Alilang Fashion is known for its sequins items, primarily; when it comes to the shimmering & sparkling Sequin Bomber Zip-Up Jacket! This most popular & dazzling Gold Sequin Bomber Zip-Up Jacket is designed with gleaming silver & gold sequins that have black & white stripes. This Gold Sequin Bomber Zip-Up Jacket is perfect for any sports games, team events, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, beauty pageants, cheer competitions, dance recitals and so much more! This must-have gold & silver Sequin Bomber Jacket will be most eye-catching and put on a shimmer & shiny touch to any outfit! Every girl must have this best seller Sequin Bomber Jacket in every color! It’s available in numerous colors from Gold, Multi, Black, Gradient, White & Silver, Midnight, Rose Gold, Mermaid, White & Black Stripe, Blue & Purple. 

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