VIP Membership FAQ

How Do I Sign Up? 

You can sign up to become a member here!

What's the commitment? Can I cancel anytime?

There is no obligation to purchase any item as a VIP member, nor is there any minimum number of months or commitment for membership. You can shop as a member and cancel your membership at anytime by contacting us or visiting your account dashboard. Cancel anytime risk-free!

I entered a promo code for my free trial. When does my free trial end? 

Your free trial will end the number of days after you signed up. If you are not sure when you signed up and when your trial will end, please contact us and we will let you know. After your free trial ends you will be charged the recurring price per period that you signed up for.  

What do you mean by lowest price guaranteed?

The VIP member pricing that you checkout with is the lowest price guaranteed. All member prices start at a minimum of 30% off and range up to 80% off. Member pricing is the lowest price guaranteed always because we never run promotions larger than 30%. You cannot use a discount code when you are checking out at the member price since it is already the lowest price. 

Is there a quantity limit on the items I can buy at the member price?

Yes, there is a 5 quantity limit per product per 30 days for each member. For example you may purchase 3 pieces of our Sequin Bomber Jacket in Gold size small, and 2 pieces of the Sequin Bomber Jacket in Black size medium. After those 5 pieces, you will not be able to purchase the Sequin Bomber Jacket in any other color or size for the next 30 days starting from the date of the purchase that reached the 5 quantity limit. If the limit is exceeded and the order goes through, Alilang reserves the right to cancel and refund members for the items that exceed monthly quantity limit.

Why can't I purchase at the member price?

Purchasing items at member pricing is exclusive to subscribed members only. If you have subscribed, make sure you are logged into your account before checking out. When you are checking out as a member, you should be able to purchase at the low member pricing for each item we carry.

I have an existing account with you already. How do I link my membership to this account?

If you have an existing account with us, please be sure to use the SAME email while signing up for the membership. Your existing account will automatically be given membership status once the sign up is successful.

I don't have an account with you. Can I still sign up?

Yes you can still sign up to become a VIP member if you don't have an account with us! Once you successfully sign up, you will receive an email to create your account. If you do not receive any email to create your account, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. If you do have an existing account with us, please be sure to sign up to the membership program with the same email as your current account. 

What is the shipping & returns policy?

The shipping policy is the same for members and non members and can be found here. Returns are free for members while non-members will need to pay for shipping returns.