Alilang Affiliate FAQ

How Do I Sign Up? 

You can sign up to become an affiliate here!

How do I track my affiliate sales? 

You can track your affiliate sales, clicks, and all the commission you've made on your affiliate dashboard here.

What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 25% for ALL orders made from a customer that checks out with your referral link or coupon code. The 25% applies to price of the product after applied customer discounts & before any taxes or shipping fees. To see an example, click here

How do I get paid my commissions? 

Commissions are paid to affiliates on the 1st of every calendar month through PayPal. We only distribute commissions through PayPal therefore a PayPal account is required to receive any commission payments. To be sure to log into your dashboard and add your PayPal email in order to be paid. Your commission earnings will be put on hold until you link your PayPal email to us.  

Can I give my audience a coupon code and get paid a commission on it instead of a referral link?

Yes you can get paid your 25% commission by sharing a 10% discount coupon code with your followers. You will earn 25% of the product price excluding taxes and shipping fees after the 10% coupon has applied to the customer's purchase. You can customize what you coupon code is called in your affiliate portal

Can I receive a commission when someone signs up for the VIP membership? 

No you cannot earn a commission on membership sign ups. You can only earn commission on product purchase referrals.

Can I use my own affiliate link or coupon to purchase and earn commission with myself?

No you will not earn any commission if you use your own or any other Alilang affiliate link or affiliate coupon code to make a purchase for yourself. 

What's the best way to become a successful affiliate?

The best way is to leverage the people who know you or your followers. Share your link on your blog, website, and social media. Text your friends & family and get paid a commission on their purchases! Create a product review or post yourself in our products to promote the product.

What's the largest coupon my audience can receive? 

If your audience checks out with your coupon, the largest discount they can receive is 10%.

How do I create a referral link to a specific product?

You can create a specific referral link to any product on the store by going to your dashboard and then clicking on the "marketing tools" tab. There you can create your own referral link to any product on Alilang. 

How are my commissioned sales tracked?

Our system is able to track anyone who makes a purchase through your referral link up to 30 days through cookie tracking. If they make a purchase with your coupon code then that will get registered as a commissioned sale for you as well.